“Bewitched” vs. “I Dream of Jeanie”

In the series “Bewitched,” we watched an episode called “Witch or Wife.” The main characters name is Samantha and she is a witch. The plot of the episode starst off with her husband [Darren] is at work and his boss gives him a ton of work to do so he is never home. Samantha then gets very lonely and her mother stops by to ask her if she wants to go to lunch, in Paris. Samantha starts off by saying no and telling her mother that Darren does not like when she uses her powers. Her mother then convinces her to go to lunch. When they get to Paris, they eat lunch then they go to a fashion show. While they are at the Fashion show, they run into Darren’s boss and his wife. Samantha tried to hide and walk away but they then saw her. Larry, Darren’s boss, then invited Samantha and her mother to dinner. They go throughout dinner then they decided to call Darren, while Darren did not know Samantha went to Paris (using her powers.) In the end, Samantha and Darren got into a fight then they made up and then they both realized they were wrong. With Darren not liking Samantha using her powers, it is showing men confining women and their powers. This episode also shows how men expect women to life; with no power. This defines the 1st and 2nd wave feminism. Samantha also just wants to be a normal housewife at one point. She wears sweatpants and a sweater, not your average woman for that time period. Also Samantha does not work. On the sexual object or sexual subject scale, Samantha is somewhere in the middle but more towards the sexual object side.

When we watched “I Dream of Jeanie,” we watched an episode called “The lady in the bottle.” This episode starts off with a man named Tony being an astronaut and starting a mission. Right after take off there becomes a problem and they have to abort the mission. Tony ends up stranded on a island somewhere in the middle of no where. He then makes an SOS sign and he is putting stones down and the one “stone” keeps rolling away. As he picks it up, he rubs it and Jeanie comes out. He wished for a helicopter and got his wish. Then he wish to set Jeanie free and once he did that, he was then her master. When Tony got home, he came in with his fiancé and they heard the shower running. Next thing you know Jeanie is standing there in one of Tony’s button down shirts and that shows women being in-touch with their sexuality and it shows Jeanie as more of a sexual subject. She also shows her sexuality by always saying “master” and “I will pleasure you” to Tony. This show is in color and there are special affects such as the smoke from when Jeanie goes in and out of her bottle.

Both of these episodes show the power of women and how they can overpower men sometimes. Also they bothshow that women who are beautiful and blonde are the typical “all american women.”


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  1. These are decent notes, but you need to begin taking additional steps toward writing your final essay. You want to avoid dwelling in plot summary and use this information to support a critical-cultural argument. In other words, practice writing thesis statements and then build your pieces around those. In this example, the thesis is buried at the end.

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